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Video - What Foster Care is like for an abused child removed from her home

Trigger warning. Almost 400,000 children are in foster care, and kids who find themselves in the system come from difficult backgrounds. This film was made to bring awareness to what some kids experience and to help adults understand life through the children's eyes. At the end, she says it all: "I am lovable. I am worthy of care." - Laura Willard, Upworthy

Best wishes to you for a Happy Easter

Best wishes to you for a Happy Easter

From all of us at Covenant House Vancouver we wish you and yours a wonderful Easter weekend. 

Please enjoy this lovely card sent to us from a supporter.

spring easter card imageletter to young person

*Please note that our office will be closed on Good Friday.
If you are a youth in need please call 1-877-685-7474.*

Sending everyone lots of love on Valentine’s Day

Sending everyone lots of love on Valentine’s Day

On this day of love and friendship we wanted to take the time to send some love and thanks your way. The generosity we see from our Covenant House family never fails to amaze us. Thanks to your kindness & support, we as a community are able to support our young people throughout their journey towards independence. As a team we are impacting the lives of so many youth, and for that we thank you with the warmest of hearts.

We also want to send lots of love and light to all our young people, you bring so much joy to us and we are honoured to be part of your journey.

Help Covenant House be the family our youth need & deserve

Help Covenant House be the family our youth need & deserve

A family does many things. It provides basic needs, educates and instills value and identity. But most importantly, it provides love. The young people we see at Covenant House have often grown up without loving parents and have begun their lives without the safety and security most of us take for granted.

"I am very lucky to work here and to see for myself how much we mean to the people who need us."

"I am very lucky to work here."

I was recently at a dinner for my friend’s birthday, it was at a restaurant and we were at a large table full of people I hadn’t met before. A couple seats down and across the table from me was a very friendly, smiling girl who introduced herself and asked what I did for a living. I proudly let her know that I work at the Crisis Shelter one of the programs at Covenant House Vancouver. She very knowingly grinned at me stating she was quite familiar with us.

Staff & Volunteer Video Interview Series - Kristy

Various staff and volunteers will be interviewed so we can learn more about them as well as why they chose Covenant House Vancouver as their place to work or volunteer.

You will be getting an inside look at Covenant House Vancouver and it's team members - Enjoy!

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