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Bowen Island Gives invites you to Take a Big Hike

On Saturday, July 4th   Bowen Island Gives is holding their 4th   annual fundraising event and this year is supporting Covenant House with the profits! Their goal is to raise $10,000 to help our youth improve their lives.

You can  register  by making a $40 donation  online here    for individuals or $100 for teams of 4.

The hike is up Mt. Gardner on Bowen Island and starts at 10 AM. The party has a super fun live band called Ginger 66 and starts at 7 PM. Ocean swims to rinse off are welcome in between, after-of course- a burger & beer on the pub’s patio! Stay tuned for water taxi discounts for all folks coming from the city!

Feel free to share with all your friends/family! Hope to see you on the BIG Hike!

Take a Big Hike Fundraiser 

First time youth Sheila is grateful to be in our Crisis Program

“Sheila” a first time youth, recently came to Covenant House Vancouver from her treatment program. Sheila was not from Vancouver but was sent down here for residential treatment for help with drugs and alcohol. Being that Sheila was not from Vancouver she had nowhere to go and no one to stay with. Her treatment program suggested she try Covenant House. After her intake Sheila was given a tour of the Crisis Program. The whole time she was being shown the around she could not believe what an amazing space it was for youth. And when she was shown the hygiene cabinet she could not believe that she had access to all of these items during her stay. When I informed her that all of the items were donated, she was so thankful to all of the people whom had donated items to the Crisis Program to support individuals like her. Sheila then began to introduce herself to all of the other youth and told them how happy she was to be here.

Sheila’s gratitude continued on through the evening and during meal time she mentioned how nicely the meal had been prepared and how good it tasted. She also continued to express gratitude that a place like Covenant House is providing her an opportunity to focus on her sobriety and get her life back in order. Sheila then began to tell me about all of her goals while staying in our Crisis Program and could not be happier for the support she will get from her youth workers.

As a youth worker in the Crisis Program, most of the youth that access the program for the first time feel sad that their choices or life circumstances have led them to a shelter. It has been awhile since I have had a youth that is overjoyed to be in our Crisis Program. It was also heart-warming to hear all the kind things Sheila had to say about the program and all about those who donate to program so homeless youth can have their basic needs met in a safe environment. 

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The Orange Door Project is bring housing & hope to homeless youth

The Home Depot Canada Foundation is dedicated to taking action to put an end to youth homelessness in Canada through The Orange Door Project fundraising campaign.

The following Home Depot stores have selected Covenant House Vancouver to be the charitable recipient of all proceeds they raise throughout the campaign:

The Home Depot Vancouver 900 Terminal Ave
The Home Depot Richmond 2700 Sweden Way
The Home Depot Vancouver Cambie 2388 Cambie St

Between May 28 and July 2, purchase a $2 paper door at the checkout of these stores and give homeless youth the housing, support and hope they need to live safe, healthy and productive lives.

Encourage your friends, family members, neighbours and colleagues to support the campaign today!

Home Depot Orange Door Project  

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