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Therapy Dog Numa provides unconditional love to our youth

Let’s face it.  We all need a hug sometimes. And at Covenant House Vancouver, Numa is more than willing to oblige. Numa is a  St. John’s Ambulance Certified Therapy Dog who accompanies her owner on her shifts in our Crisis Program. She offers her fuzzy cuddles and adoring gaze to anyone who needs it (full confession: even some of us staff have fallen prey to her high quality cuddling skills)!

She’s a big, brown, bundle of love and demands nothing in return for her service.  She has no expectations, just shows up and does the job that all of us hope to do here at Covenant House – provide unconditional love to someone who needs it. 

Thanks for your service, Numa, and for reminding us that sometimes love is as easy as reaching out your paw. 

Pictures of Numa our Therapy Dog

Youth Rights! Right Now! Ending Youth Homelessness: A Human Rights Guide

"Youth homelessness is a pressing issue worldwide that requires urgent attention. To help address the issue, a collaborative group of organizations from Canada and Europe have developed Youth Rights! Right Now! Ending Youth Homelessness: A Human Rights Guide for grounding strategies to end youth homelessness in international human rights law. The guide, based on research, consultations, input from youth and the expertise of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing, Ms. Leilani Farha, argues that all young people have a fundamental, legal right to be free of homelessness and to have access to adequate housing.

The guide brings human rights to the forefront of decision making with an aim to assist in the identification of systemic causes of homelessness and human rights solutions. It includes steps that policy-makers, front-line workers, researchers and others can embrace a human rights approach." – Taken from The Homeless Hub article Youth Rights! Right Now! Ending Youth Homelessness: A Human Rights Guide.

To view the full report click here.

Youth Rights! Right Now! Ending Youth Homelessness: A Human Rights Guide

Exploring different career options leads a young lady to her dream job

We had a young lady that lived at the Rights of Passage program for 2 years. She came to stay with us due to issues with her family and was unable to live with them. She was in ministry care and even spent time in our Crisis Program before coming to Rights of Passage.

During her stay at the Rights of Passage program she was able to explore many different career options. She was able to complete a job readiness program in construction, a yoga instructor training and then enrolled into college. ROP was able to support her as she found her personal, education and career paths.

She has since graduated from college, is living independently and is currently working with children and youth.  Her future goal is to work with children and youth in an outdoor setting and she would like to use yoga as a way for them to work through trauma in their lives.

We wish her all the best for her future! 

Job Search Image

Signature shirts from Keep the Wanderlust in support of CHV

"Keep the Wanderlust" is just that. A strong desire to keep searching, keep following dreams, keep searching for answers and always be moving forward.  This is their SIGNATURE T for kids and babies. The design was created to represent their dream to be able to give back to all the places that have given us so much more to life.

$5 from each Signature T will be going to Covenant House Vancouver where more than 1400 street involved youth seek help for a brighter future every year.

To learn more or buy a shirt click  here

 Signature shirts from Keep the Wanderlust in support of CHV 

A note of thanks from Sister Nancy Brown

Dear  Friends of  Covenant  House  Vancouver,

I am truly thankful for you.

You make it possible for us to show suffering young people God’s love with a hot meal, a safe place to sleep, and even just a pair of shoes and socks.

That’s all a young boy wanted from us the rainy night he came through our doors. His were riddled with gaping holes.

We gave him fresh socks and shoes . . . and told him we would be here to give him comfort, and guidance, and the love he deserved.

He was like so many kids on the streets – young, frightened, and very alone. They are utterly desperate for a kind hand and a caring heart.

You give them that. And I can’t thank you enough.

God bless you,
Sister Nancy Brown Signature  
Sister Nancy Brown, S.C., OBC 

Thank you image

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