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Brunch fun at ROP

Our ROP youth were busy on the weekend cooking up a storm! The youth created lots of amazing food for brunch including fruit salad, deviled eggs, open-faced sandwiches and of course bacon!

It was a fun morning and everyone enjoyed the delicious brunch! 

ROP brunch pictures 

Honouring the Society of St. Vincent de Paul & their support of our youth

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul & Covenant House Vancouver have a wonderful partnership and we wanted to take the time to honour all they do for our young people. The Society of St Vincent de Paul operates two Thrift Stores in Downtown Vancouver. These stores provide our youth with furniture and supplies free of charge when our youth move in to their own places. Our Housing Support Workers work with the stores & our youth to facility moving day. Housing Support Workers are there to support our youth, celebrate with them and generally help them set up and feel good about their new home.

If you like to bargain hunt we encourage you check out Society of St. Vincent de Paul thrift shops. They have great selection of books, clothes, furniture, dishes and other interesting items. The proceeds from these stores go back into the community helping those in need.

A big thank you to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul for all their support!

sofa image 

Honour your Valentine with a card from Covenant House

You can show your loved ones how much you care this Valentine's Day by making an in honour donation to Covenant House Vancouver! Not only will you help a young person in need, your Valentine will get a online or paper card notifying them of your donation and you will get a tax receipt. It's a triple win - our youth, your loved one and you!

An in honour Valentine's Day Card can be e-mailed or mailed to your loved one and you can personalize  the message. 

Donate online here or call 604-638-GIFT (4438).

Happy Valentine's Day  

Building relationships with toy robots and ninja stars

January rain splattered on the windows and clouds darkened the sky – a usual Vancouver day. Youth were slumped down on the couch fixed on the television screen as a youth worker thought of an unusual idea. They were going to make some three dimensional paper robot toys. One of the youth workers had experience building these toys when he was young and felt it would be a good opportunity to show the youth something unique.

Curious, several youth peeled away from the television and joined the youth worker who was teaching the youth all the intricate folds and cuts required to create the toy. For the rest of the evening, the youth busily worked on the craft, bright colors were applied to the designs as everyone exchanged life stories and experiences. As the activity came to a close, “Jimmy” propped up and asked the youth worker, “Hey, I know how to make these ninja stars out of paper – want to learn how to make them?”

Together, “Jimmy” and the youth worker built paper ninja stars. While the youth worker managed to teach Jimmy how to make toy robots, Jimmy patiently managed to teach the youth worker how to make paper ninja stars. As it turns out, the usual rainy day turned out to be a rather unusual exchange of experiences and a great way to build on relationships. To this day, the toy robot and ninja stars sit on a display, side by side – a lasting symbol of the relationship and exchange that embodies youth work every day.

toy robots created by youth  

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