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Sleep Out Movement

Across Canada and the U.S., dedicated men, women and children are sleeping out to raise critical funds and awareness for homeless youth. Our participants will take to the streets with only a sleeping bag and a piece of cardboard to ensure homeless youth in Vancouver  have a safe place to stay.   Watch this special message from Madame Sophie Grégoire Trudeau.

Covenant House Vancouver Sleep Out events  include:

Sleep Out: Executive Edition   -  November  16  2017
Business Leaders use their influence to raise awareness and critical funds for vulnerable young people each November. Participants are C-suite executives, business owners, leaders within their organization, and/or board members of Covenant House.  Watch our inspiring Sleep Out: Executive Edition Video to learn more and see the impact this evening has on participants. 

Sleep Out: Young Professionals  -  February  15  2018 
 Young Professionals unite for one night in February. Raising funds and awareness for homeless young people facing the same obstacles they recently overcame (completing educations, applying for first jobs, taking steps toward self-sufficiency), these young men and women are shining role models for young people in need. 

Sleep Out: Mothers Edition   -  May  3  2018
 Never underestimate the power of a mother’s love. Courageous women, united in the spirit of motherhood, come together to honor and love kids who have nowhere else to turn, while raising funds to support them and awareness for the struggles they face.


Sleep Out: Student Edition
 We know how much students can accomplish, and how passionate they are about helping those in need. Together with teachers and parents students take on the challenge of planning a Sleep Out in their own communities. Students will learn about youth homelessness while experiencing some of the struggles faced by homeless people their age all while raising funds to support the basic needs of young people.

If you have questions about a specific Vancouver Sleep Out or want to learn more, please contact:

Kim Wing
Development Officer - Special Events

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