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Pastoral Ministry

Attention to the spiritual needs of our youth is part of the continuum of care at Covenant House.

The Pastoral Counsellors are here to listen and help young people explore their questions about personal and spiritual growth.

Showing unconditional love and absolute respect is at the heart of our mission. Youth engage in spiritual exploration and pastoral counselling on a voluntary basis at Covenant House Vancouver, and we are always sensitive to our multi-faith environment.  Our pastoral counsellors support youth to worship in their own particular religious traditions and to connect to places of worship in the community. 

The Pastoral Counsellor offers spiritual guidance, counselling and resources to youth and staff.  Through counselling, education and participation in the case management process, the Pastoral Counsellor encourages positive lifestyle, attitude changes and helps youth to recognize the Divine in all of life.

Often our Pastoral Counsellors visit youth in hospitals or in prison, supporting youth through major life transitions.  The Pastoral team also educates the public about the mission and values of Covenant House Vancouver and the issues that young men and young women face on the street. 

Our Pastoral Counsellors have training in Critical Incident Stress Management, and together with other professionals respond to staff/youth needs after critical incidents through defusing and/or debriefing sessions.  They are also responsible for an annual staff renewal, which orients and energizes staff to continue doing excellent work.

Our Pastoral Counsellors serve as Ombudspersons at Covenant House Vancouver, listening to and addressing the concerns youth raise about decisions and policies that affect them and ensuring that those decisions are fair and consider the safety and best interest of all youth.

Sister Nancy Brown Pastoral Ministry           Mark Munn Pastoral Ministry
Sister Nancy Brown and  Mark Munn

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