“Survivor” Covenant House will Darrick win immunity?

“Darrick” is a 22 year old who has had many stays in the Crisis Shelter. Darrick and I share a common enthusiasm for reality TV shows, especially Survivor. We have had many conversations about what’s going on, on the show, and who we think is going to win, as well as some Survivor dates. After his last stay, he was picking up his belongings and I mentioned to him he should look at his next stay at Covenant House as a game on Survivor. He would try to stay in Shelter 39 days and try to strategizing about who he can make alliances with to help him through his challenges. He returned to Shelter, and had exactly 39 days until he was about to move in to his new place. Together we came up with the basic rules of Survivor Covenant House. He would need to identify the challenges, which he would play for reward and immunity. Staff created a immunity idol, which he would receive after successfully completing a challenge, and he would also avoid going to Tribal Counsel. His first challenge he identified was returning to Shelter on time on a Friday night. He identified his reward as going swimming on Saturday morning. Darrick was successful in his first challenge, wining immunity, and reward!

Covenant House Immunity Idol

The Rules of Survivor Covenant House

The game of Survivor Covenant House is 39 days long. The goal of the game is to get to the end of the 39 days, be in house, and be the sole survivor. The prize is securing housing!

Players in the game of Covenant House Survivor can form alliances, with both staff and other youth to help him through challenges.

Challenges are identified by the player throughout the game. Challenges are tasks or situations where the player may struggle to remain in the game (eg. Not AWOLing (absent from Shelter at curfew) on a Friday night). When a challenge is played and won the player wins immunity, as well as reward. The reward will be a self identified reward determined by player when a challenge is set (eg. Swimming Saturday morning). When a player wins a challenge, they also win immunity. They win the immunity idol, and do not have to go to tribal council.

If a player loses a challenge they may have to go to tribal council where he or she could be voted out of the game. Tribal council is having to meet with players youth worker as well as team leader to discuss the challenge, and discuss whether or not player will be voted out (discharged). It is possible for a player to vote himself off by AWOLing, ending his game early.

When the immunity idol is won, player will be in possession of the immunity idol until the next challenge is identified, and set. Then the player will hand over the immunity Idol in order to prepare for the next challenge.

The goal of playing Survivor Covenant House is to remain in house, avoid tribal council and secure housing at the end of the game.

***If youth is voted out of the game, he may go to redemption island, and may complete a challenge to get back into the game. (The challenge is attending an appeal, an appeal is when you with speak with Sister Nancy our youth’s ombudsperson).***