Ice skating brings joy to our youth!

Occasionally we are able to take the youth on outings. On this day we decided that because we had a little get together in the afternoon that it might be nice to keep the good spirit going and take some youth skating. I was the lucky staff member who got to take seven youth with me for an evening of ice skating. Some of the youth had no problem tying their skates and jumped on the ice as soon as the doors opened. A couple hadn’t skated in years and needed some time to get used to the ice.

One youth hadn’t been skating since she was nine years old. She was nervous and almost backed out of coming, but with a bit of encouragement and reassurance from staff and other youth she took the leap. She needed help tying up her skates and only felt comfortable on the ice using one of the training carts to support herself. As she got more comfortable, she would lift the cart a little and scream with excitement and nervousness, quickly putting it back down on the ground for fear of falling. She continued doing this until she finally got up the confidence to toss it aside. She was a bit wobbly at first but soon she was skating around the ice with little problem. She fell once or twice, but got up laughing and smiling with the other youth and myself.

The youth that felt more comfortable soon were racing around the ice with ease. One of the youth that hadn’t been in a year or two was quickly picking it back up, and although he was normally nervous and sullen, he soon began to beam from ear to ear, chatting and laughing with the other youth.

On the way home, all of the youth were walking and chatting about how much fun they had. They were more engaged, sharing details about their lives.  Sometimes the mix of fun, physical activity, fresh air and an informal setting can make for a perfect relationship building setting.  They all said they would do it again, and I’m hoping I get to join again too!

Ice skating picture