Thoughts At Christmas Time From CHV Staff

“One of the things we do here at CHV at this time of year, especially, is helping our youth create new traditions. An example that comes to mind for me is, if they’ve had trauma at Christmas or it’s just a time filled with unmet needs, we can help them learn new ways of being, by celebrating what they do have, being cared for by others,  spending time with other significant people and making new meaning.” – Clare, Mental Health Clinician

“Just sharing a nice little moment I observed – it’s was really nice watching the youth and Youth Worker’s decorating the tree together in CSS today, in anticipation for our big Christmas celebration on Monday. It’s always a great time and a party not to be missed! All of our regular youth, those near and far and those who have aged out come to celebrate and have fun together over food and music. It’s always such a nice time for the youth and staff alike.” – Christina Budnick, Case Manager at CSS

CSS Christmas Tree