We were all truly blessed this Christmas!

As I drove to work on Christmas Day I prayed for a peaceful quiet day with the youth I would be supporting.  I was aware of many of their hurts and pains of being estranged from their own families and in some cases no real family of their own.  The day started out pretty quiet and I started to think that perhaps it would just be smooth sailing all day…..Wrong! Two young guys feeling the pain of being estranged from their families had words, and staff had to intervene.  One of the youth involved in the exchange, Mike, was immediately remorseful and took full responsibility. He apologized to the other youth in house and from that moment on, the energy in the house changed to something almost magical.  Mike calmed down, realizing that we would be there to support him throughout the day.

When Mike was presented with the gift of an mp3 player, he visibly started to shake. He then opened his backpack and became like a child reveling in the joy of finding candy, socks and articles of winter clothing. It was a joy to watch him revel in the sheer excitement of his gifts.  Some of the staff were moved to tears. Later that day Mike appeared in a suit and tie anticipating Christmas Dinner. He suggested that we put the tables together so we could have a more family atmosphere and we happily obliged.  During our fabulous dinner of turkey and all the trimmings, Mike asked staff and youth what they were thankful for…….it was something I was going to ask, but hesitated thinking it may sound inappropriate this particular day. Thank you Mike! He then donned his bib as if he were in some grand restaurant and smiled throughout the whole dinner.

We were all truly blessed this Christmas!

Turkey Dinner at Covenant House