Adam Reaches for Independence

One of our youth “Adam” has been in and out of the Shelter Program about 9 times in the last year.  He has a long history of being in foster care, of past gang involvement, trafficking, and has disclosed drug/alcohol and mental health concerns to staff.   

This time, Adam came to us after his sister had been evicted and he could no longer stay with her as she was moving to Richmond.  Adam is working as a framer and had already found a place for January 1st, but needed to access the Shelter for a week, so that he can collect his next pay cheque,  furnish his new place and then make the move.  He knows that if he doesn’t stay somewhere “good for him” while he waits, that his issues will get the better of him, and he may not make it to the new place.

Adam is admittedly not a morning person.  Having to wake-up at 5:00 in the morning, he’s usually pretty grumpy with staff at that time, until he wakes up.  Unfortunately, this morning, we had run out of bag lunches. Thankfully one of our donors donated a stack of MacDonald’s gift certificates over the holidays, so we offered up some of those to Adam.  After acknowledging and apologizing for his morning grumpiness, Adam thanked staff and decided to begin his day by reading out the morning headlines from the newspaper to staff.  It was his way of working hard at being friendly with us!

To Adam’s credit, he has successfully completed his plan and has moved into his new place.  We are all very proud of him and wish him the absolute best!

Youth on bed