AJ’s journey to independent living

“AJ” has been to the Shelter nine times. In his last stay, AJ was successful at achieving many goals, but he had difficulties with essential hygiene skills including showering and remembering to get his clothing washed. Staff had been regularly working with AJ to brainstorm ideas and provide information on general hygiene care. Within his current stay, he has come up with a showering plan that works best with his needs and continues to follow through on his plan quite successfully.

Bit by bit, throughout his stays, AJ has also started seeing our Mental Health Team. The psychiatrist was able to set up arrangements to secure housing for AJ and he has followed through on all the steps needed to take in order to qualify for the housing. Now, he has secured permanent housing!  

I had the opportunity to go with AJ to his meeting with the staff at his new accommodation. AJ was incredibly proud to hold up and show his key to his very own apartment. As excited as AJ was about moving out onto his own, he expressed apprehension to moving out prior to Christmas as he has no family to visit and has developed close relationships with the staff at Covenant House Vancouver. He was nervous about being alone over the holidays. The Shelter team discussed different ideas in which we can support AJ in his move to independence. It was decided that as several shelter residents would be leaving for a few days over the holidays to visit family, that AJ would be able to return to the Shelter for a nights respite over the holidays, in order to spend time with his “family” at Covenant House. AJ was able to have a happy Christmas with Covenant House and then move on to independent living.

key in door