BC’s child/youth mental health system working or not?

An interesting piece appeared in The Province recently outlining the challenges that families in BC have getting mental health treatment for their children. The article shares the story of “Mary Clark” and her struggles getting help for her adopted daughter who has a variety of mental health concerns. It also speaks to BC’s mental health system being short on appropriate resources, having service gaps and lack of follow up care. It is a well-written article and worth the read.   

Covenant House Vancouver works with a large number of youth that have mental health concerns and we have an amazing partnership with the Inner City Youth Mental Health Project (ICYMHP). ICYMHP provides youth with access to immediate on-site treatment for mental illness and is coordinated by in-house mental health clinicians from Covenant House and delivered by a team of psychiatrists from St. Paul’s Hospital.

Have you had experience with BC’s mental health system? What are your thoughts on the availability of services to young people or adults who are suffering from mental health concerns?

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