Common passions can break down barriers

The dictionary defines football as: a game in which two teams of eleven players kick a round ball and try to score goals i.e.: a game of football.

So why am I met with looks of confusion, lost puppy head tilts (you know the ones!) and dismay when I speak about football? You may be wondering what the significance of football (or soccer in these parts) may be. Well, I am an avid Newcastle United football fan and one Saturday whilst working at the Crisis Shelter I managed to get a quick chance to check some British Premier League scores. There was a new shelter youth also passing through the office, when I suddenly exploded with excitement in that the mighty “Toon” managed a draw against Manchester United. This youth, a very shy African immigrant, inquired about my sudden burst of joy, broke his silence and asked “Why do you support such a horrible football team? I’m an Arsenal fan-now that’s a real team”. My initial shock at this statement temporarily subsided when he then added “I’m glad someone else calls this game FOOTBALL and not soccer.” Since then we have had many sports discussions and in doing so have exposed new youth to the wonderful world of football. Moral of the story, common passions can break down many barriers and lay the platform for fantastic meaningful relationships. Oh, and football is awesome!

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