“The grief and loss finally hit her, full on”

Today one of our youth was having a very bad day and it seems like she is having a hard time dealing with some of the loss that she has recently experienced in her life. Today, all that grief and loss finally hit her, full on. She said that for the past few years, she was so busy taking care of her mother and siblings that she has not taken any time to grieve for herself.  She said to me, “Now that I know they are safely in a shelter, I finally take this opportunity to grieve, for myself”.  All the while she was telling me this, her voice was trembling and she tried to hold back the tears.

Later in the night, as she struggled with some of her feelings, she got short-tempered and wanted to just go to bed without her usual snack. A co-resident, knowing how sumptuous the snack was and sensing her unhappiness, lovingly encouraged her to rest in bed for half an hour but then come back out for a snack. Watching the conversation these two youth had with each other really warmed my heart. I am so thankful for this short but special moment.  It’s incredible to watch the youth in house, as they watch out for each other. That moment was the best part of my day!