“See! I told you you’re not horrible at baking!”

It was a busy Saturday night and a new cooking group had recently started in the Shelter. The weekly group had been run several times now and the youth were getting excited about the topic of the week; short bread cookies. As the youth made their way into the kitchen, I could see their excited grins. There were several youth in the kitchen and I was working alongside them to make the cookies. Some of the youth were more experienced than others and “Henry” was having a little more trouble mixing the dough. Getting discouraged, “Henry” muttered, “Oh, I’m horrible at baking! This is a disaster!”

I looked at his dough and encouraged him, “You’re not horrible at baking! Cooking and baking are lifelong skills and you’re still learning the ropes. Now what can you do to make this dough work?”

Together we added a little more flour to the mixture and all of the youth ended up producing great short bread cookies. At the end of the group, I asked “Henry” how he liked his cookies.

He smiled, “They’re great and I like them better than the batch that you made.”

My only response was, “See! I told you you’re not horrible at baking!”

baking image