I feel honored to be able to be part of his world, one song at a time.

Recently, in the Crisis Shelter, there was music in the air. A young man, “Kevin”, had returned to the Shelter after a short stay in the hospital. Kevin struggles with severe mental health so this stay in the hospital was necessary to keep Kevin safe for a few days and stabilize him more on his medication.

For Kevin, the one constant and predictable thing in his life after many years of foster care and unhealthy relationships is his passion and devotion to music. So, it was no surprise that Kevin picked up a guitar and started playing within minutes of arriving to Covenant House.  Kevin has an extreme talent with guitar, winning several “shredding” contests in Vancouver due to his ability to move his fingers so fast and accurately. As he sat in the Shelter, with his unruly curls and pants above his ankles, white socks exposed, he played.

Watching him, he appeared to be in his own world. Song after song, melody after melody he tirelessly and effortlessly strummed like no one is watching. As he plays, I sat there, relishing in the ability to just be able to sit, if only for a few moments in between requests from other youth, and listen and enjoy Kevin’s talent. I think, what a gift he was given to be able to play a guitar with such talent and I smile, feeling honored to be able to be part of his world, one song at a time.

young man playing guitar image