Family Affair Racing Team – Racing for Covenant House Youth

Pam Williams is part of a racing team that truly is a family affair.  Pam, her husband Bob and her mother all race with the help of their kids who are part of their pit crew.  This year Pam and her team members decided to fundraise for Covenant House (plus collect food donations) for the entire 2013 racing season!

Pam invited me out to opening weekend at Mission Raceway which I attended on Saturday.  As I made my way through the paddock (or pits) area it was clear that the racers were a tight-knit group; everyone was chatting and catching up with each other.  As I arrived at the Family Affair Racing Team paddock I was warmly greeted by Pam, her family and crew (including her three dogs!).  Pam had a promotional banner made to hang in front of their paddock as well as decals for their cars – all in the effort to fundraise for Covenant House.  Racing fans can drop by to learn more about the team and their cars plus make a donation to Covenant House on race days.

I know very little about car racing and all the levels, categories and associations that go with it – but I enjoyed a bit of a crash course with the help of Pam and Family Affair team member Jennifer.  Pam is a Formula Vee open wheel racer and I got a close-up look at what it takes to keep the cars in racing form!  I enjoyed the chance to watch Pam race in the open wheel portion of race day; Jennifer was my guide explaining various aspects of the race as they unfolded.

Covenant House is grateful to Pam and the Family Affair Racing Team for their hard work and dedication fundraising on our behalf.  I encourage everyone to check out the fun at Mission Raceway this season. 

For more information on Family Affair Racing Team check out their website.
pam williams in fv car

racing paddock

chv sign at racing paddock
And yes – if you haven’t noticed already – the acronym for Family Affair Racing Team is ‘F.A.R.T.’!