Staff Honour Our Volunteers

In honour of our volunteers we have compiled some thoughts, quotes and a poem that show how much we love and appreciate our volunteers.

Thank you volunteers for all you do for our youth, staff and the community.

“On behalf of the kitchen staff…I would like to thank the endless help of our volunteers, unfortunately I don’t get to meet all of them because of my work days. I had the pleasure a couple of years ago to go to the volunteer appreciation celebration and I was able to get to know a quiet a few of our volunteers. We now have so many more volunteers and I would just like to say thanks to all of you….we love your help and so appreciate it…. :)” – Robbi (Food Services)

“Like an arm of CSS, we couldn’t run without them, indispensable…” – CSS Team

“Our incredible volunteers contribute so much to Covenant House Vancouver. From serving meals, sorting through clothes and calling our donors to say thank you, I’m not sure it’s possible to show exactly how much we appreciate their efforts.” – Rav (D/C)

Your Name Is Volunteer
Written and submitted by Nancy Jo Grim to Energ!ze

Your Name Is Volunteer
Your name is love, because you showed me love and compassion when I needed it the most.
Your name is patience, because you took time to listen to me when my stories were long and my heart was heavy.
Your name is kindness, because you used your healing hands to touch my pain and guide me when I was lost.
Your name is mentor, because you taught me the lessons that life cannot teach so soon.
Your name is a volunteer, you are love, patience, kindness, a mentor and so much more…
We celebrate you the volunteer.

thank you to volunteers