A different kind of family

This was one of those great days where the atmosphere in the shelter was happy, positive, and friendly. There were no arguments  and everyone was enjoying themselves. At snack time the youth and staff were joking around and laughing together. Afterwards, four youth initiated a game of Monopoly with myself and another staff member. Even though I hadn’t played Monopoly since I was about nine, one youth explained all the rules and gave me some advice and strategies.

I had to leave for a few minutes half way through the game to take care of a new youth, so one of the youth who had been watching took my spot. When I got back he proudly showed me how he had set up hotels on Park Place and Boardwalk. While this reminded me of my childhood playing board games with my parents, I know these youth grew up with a very different reality. I left at the end of the night with a great feeling, because maybe in a way this was a chance for them to have that experience with a different kind of family.

playing monopoly