Jetson accepts help for the first time

Jetson began accessing Covenant House services at the young age of 17. He found himself looking for shelter when a disagreement erupted at home and it was no longer a safe place. The first few months with Covenant House were far from smooth. As any young rebellious teenager would act, Jetson did all the right things – to get discharged. It took a long time before he and his workers found a balance between structure and freedom. There seemed to be a lot Jetson had to learn about growing up.

Fast forward a year, Jetson continues to struggle with gaining and maintaining independence. He has attempted more than once to move out on his own, but each time he has left, he has returned to Covenant House to begin again at square one. For the youth workers at Covenant House, this is a tough sight to see. Jetson is a young man with big dreams, and sometimes isn’t the best realist. Every time Jetson returns to Covenant House, the workers welcome him back with open arms but cannot help but wonder if this new stay will be the stay where Jetson achieves his goals. Graduating high school has been a constant goal Jetson wishes to accomplish; however, his health – mental, emotional and physical – has always seemed to hinder his success. Sometimes we wonder if he is getting in his own way of success based on his fear of succeeding.

Until Jetson’s most recent stay, he had refused to address his mental and emotional health. Living with self-diagnosed bi-polar, Jetson commonly coped with his mood swings by drinking excessively or being physically destructive. These two coping mechanisms were slowly losing their novelty, as alcohol was becoming a pricey and temporary solution; and physically injuring himself was doing more harm than good.

During Jetson’s recent stay, he accepted help for the first time. This was a huge step for him as asking for help was a sign of weakness according to him. He was connected to one of the clinicians here and then began the long process of self-realization and understanding. Currently, Jetson continues to struggle and continues to lose his footing at times, but he knows, deep down, that Covenant House will always be there for him, ready to meet him at square one again.

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