A lovely letter from a long time volunteer

It was recently National Volunteer Week and our Volunteer Coordinator and everyone at CHV worked hard to make sure our volunteers knew how much we love and appreciate them. Below is a letter written to Amanda our Volunteer Coordinator following that week, enjoy!  

Hello Amanda,

Thank-you for the very thoughtful card and note, and Covenant House water bottle!  That was a very thoughtful gesture!

A few weeks ago I bumped into one of the youth on the bus, and he mentioned to me that he had written a thank-you letter for volunteers, and that I would enjoy it. So this must be it.  What a sweet and sincere letter he wrote!  It’s a wonderful note of gratitude to pass along to volunteers.

I LOVE my volunteer job at Covenant House!  Little did I know when I started 10.5 years ago that it’d become such a meaningful part of my life, and that I’d still be going strong so many years later.  Spending time with the youth is very inspiring and grounding for me, and I’ve learned a ton from the experience.

I have a nice story to share about my outing tonight.  I took six boys out for a bike ride around Stanley Park, followed by Tim Horton’s and a walk around English Bay.  They were a really nice group, and everyone enjoyed themselves.  Once of the boys mentioned to me that is staying at Covenant House because he struggles with mental health issues, especially depression, and the bike ride was the most fun he has had in weeks.  Wow – that really warmed my heart, and makes the time spent very worthwhile!

I have a lot of appreciation for Covenant House, and the wonderful services it provides for youth and our community.