You could see the relief and gratitude on her face

Last Saturday evening, I was manning the front desk while the front receptionist went on his break. While there I was amazed at the amount of donations that were coming in. It seemed every few minutes someone was at the door bringing in donations.  One man had a few bags of new socks, and asked if we could use them. I told him definitely.

A little while later, a young girl came in the front reception and asked me if I had any shoes or socks.  I told her I had socks.  She said thank you.  I asked her what was up with her shoes. She said they were soaking and I could see they were falling apart. She appeared to be quite cold.  I called a youth worker and asked them to go up to the clothing room to see if they could find her a pair of warm shoes or boots, and a jacket.  I asked her if she had a place to stay. She said she was staying at a nearby shelter.  We managed to give her socks, boots, a warm jacket, and mittens. She was so thankful as she put them on.  You could see the relief and gratitude on her face.   It made me realize and give thanks for the people who come and bring their donations to Covenant House.   Without them, we could not do what we do.  These people provided warmth and comfort to a very cold young girl, and to countless others.