We need your help today

It’s the start of summer and I’m very worried that there won’t be enough money to care for all the youth who’ll need us in the coming months.

We’re in a tough position financially.  The bills keep coming in but donations have not kept up. The bottom line is, we’re finding it hard to make ends meet.

I want you to know, in this difficult economy, it has been a struggle to raise the money we need to look after so many homeless youth.

Many dear friends have written us saying they can’t afford to help right now. Other good friends have told us that they need to cut back, but when things get better, they’ll do more. Of course, I completely understand these situations.

But, our 24-hour-a-day effort to rescue homeless youth from the street is placing a severe strain on our resources.

To make matters worse, this is all happening at the beginning of summer when hundreds of kids run away from home. That’s why I’m reaching out to you.

So much is at stake and so many kids will need us in the coming weeks that we need to ask for your special help in this difficult situation.

If you can help us prepare for the kids before they hit our doorstep — I’d be so grateful.  Any gift you can send will help.

You see, we’ve been given a vital financial lifeline by a generous donor who has offered to match any gift you make today with an equal gift of their own — up to $25,000. Frankly, this matching gift opportunity couldn’t possibly come at a more critical time.

But, we can only take advantage of this generous offer if loyal friends like you help us meet the challenge.

Can I count on you to send a gift so that we can keep our promise to provide a safe place to sleep for every youth who needs one?

I know, with your help, Covenant House will be able to provide a warm, safe bed to each young person that shows up at our emergency shelter this summer.

God Bless You,
Sister Nancy Brown, S.C., OBC

P.S. Any gift you send today will be matched dollar for dollar — up to $25,000! If you send a gift of $10 it will be like you gave $20 to rescue innocent kids. If you send $25 it will be like you gave $50 to help vulnerable youth escape the street.  Thank you for being a wonderful friend to our young people and for helping us ensure we never turn away a youth in need.

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