Our Young People Tackle Grouse Mountain

Mike P., a youth worker at ROP, took some of our youth to do the Grouse Mountain/Whistler Water One Climb. Over 1700 people were climbing “The Grind” to provide water for villages in Africa through the Me to We /Save the children.

Our young people did great! One of the guys worked until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning and then got up and did the hike and that same youth had a time of 37 Minutes which is fantastic.   

Michelle, one of our staff members who is a volunteer at Grouse Mountain, had arranged for some free passes for the young people to train prior to the event.  All four of the youth who took part seemed to enjoy getting out in the fresh air and were so appreciative of the chance to train and climb “The Grind”. After the event each one of them shook Michelle’s hand and thanked her and she said it was a really special moment.   

Here is a shot of our talented climbers.
grouse grinders

Some quotes from the climbers:

“The Grind was a struggle for me, but I believe in battling through adversity. It was a great test!”

“My first time doing the grind was a great experience! I am willing to do it many more times.  It is a very awesome work out.  I was not expecting to do well on it.”

“ I had a really amazing experience doing the one climb.  I am looking forward to it for next year or any other event.”