Intact – making a difference in the lives of our youth

We were fortunate to receive a gift of $25,000 for our Independent Living Program from the Intact Foundation this past week. This innovative program exists to serve our youth by assisting them in finding safe and affordable housing. In addition, our staff teaches them the life skills that are needed to maintain their housing such as managing relationships with landlords, cooking and cleaning in their apartments, and self-advocating based on their rights as tenants. Whatever our youth need, our staff are there for them – offering support and guidance.
Intact Foundation funds endeavours that foster vibrant Canadian communities by encouraging independence and strength-of-mind among youth at-risk. They also support communities in preparing for long-lasting changes in weather patterns by funding organizations that focus on climate change adaptation. Last year, the Foundation donated approximately $3.8 million to charities and organizations that have helped make Intact’s communities a better place to live. An alternative sentence can be: Since 2003, more than $18 million has been donated to charitable organizations to help improve the lives of Canadians from coast to coast.
Thank you to everyone at Intact for helping to make our Independent Living Program such a success, year after year.

intact cheque presentation