Tim beamed with pride

I was on my way to work, and as I was crossing the street, I saw one of our past Crisis Shelter youth waving at me. It was Tim. He and I had worked together when he stayed in Shelter and I had maintained connected with him ever since.

As he greeted me, he removed his headphones from his ears, his music still blaring, and told me that he was waiting to start work in two hours and was bored. We stood there for about 20 minutes catching up. He told me how he was doing really well … working fulltime at a butchers shop and was in a relationship with a girl who he loved. He was proud to tell me that he had not been using drugs, partying or drinking and felt really good about his life. 

I asked him what was it that led him to making changes. He looked at me and went on to share that he finally realized that he wanted more for his life and that the days of doing nothing were over. Tim looked better than I had ever seen him. He had put on some weight, was dressed well and had a positive attitude, something that at one point in his life was very rare. As he spoke I couldn’t help but listen to him and think how grown up he sounded and how he had changed so much since his time in Shelter.

Tim eventually walked the block with me to work as he was popping by the Shelter to say hi. When he came into the Shelter a few of the staff who also knew Tim, took note of his demeanour and shared their thoughts with him… he beamed with pride.  Tim stayed for a short while before leaving to grab a coffee before work. When he left I reflected on how he had figured it out, in his own way, but had figured it out and that’s what was important!

young man wearing headphones