“Every youth deserves safety, warmth, and re-assurance they are not alone”

Several weeks ago a youth new to us presented for intake seeking a bed in our Crisis Shelter as he could no longer live at home. This youth stayed in our Shelter for about a week before telling staff he would be leaving the coming weekend to go and live with a friend as they pursued an employment opportunity. The weekend came and on the day before the youth planned to leave he approached me and asked for paper and an envelope; about 20 minutes later he returned with the envelope now sealed. As he handed it to me he said enclosed was a letter which he wished to give to staff.

It read:

“Dear Covenant Staff,

Thank you so much for the wonderful hospitality that you people have provided. I love the service that you guys offer to the youth of today, it is most exceptional.

I had a safe stay that is not provided anywhere else that I know of.

Having been recommended by a friend who stayed here in 2010, who loved her stay, I would happily do the same to anyone in the same situation.

So thank you all.”

In the Crisis Shelter we remain dedicated and committed to provide for every youth the safety, warmth, and re-assurance they are not alone, which they are seeking in their time of need. The above story is a testament to that dedication and commitment and shows that together we can make a difference. This story, and many others, only serves to motivate me and all of my colleagues to continue to serve youth who may find themselves at our doorstep in crisis.

picture of shelter room
Picture of Crisis Shelter bed