Slowly Danny began to open up…

I met Danny several months ago when he came to us at Covenant House in need. When he first arrived he was in and out of our Crisis Shelter, with his stays lasting from a few days to several weeks. He was not willing to address any of the issues which he was struggling with. But slowly, over the course of his stays, we began to get to know Danny, and he opened up to us.

Through playing cards and board games, Danny became more comfortable in the Shelter environment and with speaking to staff. Over time he saw that we truly cared about him and wanted to support him in overcoming his challenges. Through relationship building Danny was able to work together with staff to confront his issues surrounding alcohol misuse which had been a significant factor leading to his loss of employment, housing, and reaching out to Covenant House for support in his time of need. It was through staff support Danny was able to learn better coping mechanisms. He started going to the gym and became interested in joining a hockey league. He chose to surround himself with positive and supportive social circles. Danny got a full-time job and was able to save up enough money to rent a room in a shared living space. He moved out of shelter recently and has been doing great since.

We wish Danny all the best!

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