A trip for a rice cooker leads to a pleasant surprise

I needed a rice cooker and I decided to take my son and go to a gourmet kitchen store to try and purchase one. Getting there took a long time as the traffic was very busy, it was raining, and I had difficulty finding parking. When I got inside, I found out that there were no rice cookers. I was disappointed as we had come quite a distance.

We decided to browse around and see what other treasures the store had. Suddenly I hear “Hey.” I looked up and I recognized one of our youth, “Max”, who has not stayed with us in quite a while. He was with a customer, but came up and gave me a huge hug, and whispered something like try and come to my register when you leave. My son and I completed our shopping and we got in line to pay. There were several tills, and I wondered if we would end up at Max’s. When he saw us in line, his face lit up. We did end up at his till. He told me how he was doing well, he loved his job and that he was so happy to see me. He introduced himself to my son and came around from the till to give me another big hug, and wished us well, before we left the store.   

It was so wonderful to see him happy and doing so well. I told him that seeing him had made my day. He said “Me too.” I had at first thought it had been a wasted trip going all the way out to the kitchen store for the rice cooker, but now, I was very glad that we had gone.

rice cooker image