R.A.W (Right And Wrong) – Youth Poem

R.A.W (Right And Wrong)

I am who I am
Asking me to change is like
Telling earth to spin the other way.
Where you see failure
I had success
I’m not perfect
And that’s causing you distress.
Yes I may have had it all
But when I fell I rose from the fall
Bad decisions were made and I take the blame
You keep reminding me so I want to make them again.
You may not see a future for me
But the present is where I’m at today
And Quite frankly, I’m doing okay.
Tearing your heart up isn’t my intent
But if me being me doesn’t make you content
All I can say is I’m sorry that I’m raw not pretend
Your hopes and dreams for me aren’t tuned in wrong
I just used different lyrics to create this song.
You had a plan for me from the go
I didn’t give it much thought till I had to make it alone
Now I’m paying the repercussions with change
Letting go of one or two things
A couple of habits u may not know
A few life decisions reprogrammed so I can grow
But never me never my mind never my soul.
So love me for being imperfect
Hold me tight like a tourniquet
Understand me even after what u saw
Accept me for being raw.