Covenant House Vancouver fills a gap for youth exiting foster care

BC’s foster care system and the process of aging out has been receiving a lot of media attention in recent weeks. You can read Kerry Jang’s original article from The Vancouver Sun here as well as letter’s from Gale Stewart Executive director of Aunt Leah’s Place and Kevin McCort President and CEO of Vancouver Foundation. Below Covenant House Vancouver’s Executive Director Krista Thompson also shares her thoughts on this issue.

Covenant House Vancouver is a refuge for youth who have aged out of foster care.  They come to us because they have nowhere to live and no source of income. These young people often have backgrounds of abuse, neglect, and a life-time of being moved from foster home to foster home.  Not surprisingly, many do not finish high school and lag behind their peers in both social and emotional development.

Without families to help them, these young people also lack basic skills such as cooking, cleaning and goal setting. Unlike many of us, they have no safety net to catch them when they stumble.  This is where Covenant House Vancouver steps in and fills a gap; we help those young people who have nowhere else to go, to become healthy, independent adults. 

The discussion around BC’s foster care system and the process of aging out of care is a critical one.  This issue must remain in the spotlight and we applaud all those who are helping to make life better for these deserving young people.  These are OUR children and no single agency or government can do this alone.  We need everyone speaking out and standing up for youth so they can get the love and care they desperately need and deserve.


Krista K. Thompson
Executive Director
Covenant House Vancouver