Volunteering at Christmas

If we had a dollar for all the calls we receive in November and December from people wanting to volunteer….we’d be happy!

So many people get into the Christmas spirit and one of the most popular ways to express the desire to give during this festive season is the offer to volunteer.  Covenant House relies on over 100 regular volunteers to support our programs and services to homeless and runaway youth.  Lawyers, hair dressers, teachers, retired professionals…people from all walks of life hold many important jobs at Covenant House from serving food, tutoring, recreational outing leader, donations processor….to name a few.

Like our paid staff, volunteers go through a rigorous screening process before they come on board, including an interview, reference and police check, and orientation.  This ensures the most suitable people are placed in the most appropriate position  which is very important given the vulnerability experienced by so many of youth are in (so many have experienced physical, sexual or verbal abuse).

At Christmas time, our regular volunteers want to be at Covenant House and our youth really appreciate the familiar faces they know and trust.  So while we appreciate calls asking if people can come and serve food and perform other duties over the holidays, we politely decline, reassuring people that all positions are filled and for this we are most grateful. 

If you are interested in becoming a regular volunteer at Covenant House, click here to learn more.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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