Christmas Day with our Covenant House Family

At the start of Christmas day, youth workers did the wake ups by singing a different Christmas carol into each bedroom and the youth complained and pretended to hate it, however, they talked about it a little too long and it was clear the serenading had made them feel special, and they showed their appreciation later by sharing their chocolates and putting great efforts into having the most positive Christmas day possible!

Youth were very excited to receive their present which was a backpack each, filled with goodies and necessities. A youth worker sat everyone down in the common area and informed them that they would be opening the presents together as a family. He told them that he was excited to be here with his Covenant House family on Christmas Day and reminded our youth to treat each other with extra kindness and Christmas spirit today, as this time of year is difficult for some people. This speech and the singing wake ups set the tone for a really enjoyable Christmas in Shelter.

Throughout the day we noticed the youth made extra efforts to be thoughtful with each other, youth, who didn’t normally speak went to the movies together and invited each other to play games. There were a few awesome extra gifts left and the youth had a great time playing a trivia game based on Covenant House to try and win them. The youth got themselves into teams and worked together to figure out the answers. The questions ranged from who is the oldest staff member on shift? To how many total rooms in the Drake Street building? To can you sing a line from your favorite Christmas carol? The only trouble was the youth were in such generous moods that they were giving each other all the answers, which meant there were no clear winners! So more games had to be thought of to find out who won the game & got the extra presents.

A Christmas spent in a Crisis Shelter can be very hard and sad but we work hard to give our young people a fun & caring Christmas and I think we succeeded.

image of christmas tree