Shelter Cooking Group Creates Amazing Bannock Tacos

Every Saturday evening, the youth in the Shelter have an opportunity to cook under the supervision of youth workers. Cooking is a great life skill for our young people to learn and a terrific time to build relationships. Together they make a variety of foods ranging from cookies to stir-fry to soup. One evening, the youth had decided to make bannock tacos. Excited, the youth got straight to cooking and even made double the batch provided on the recipe! As the clock rolled to 9:00 PM (snack time), the other youth, who weren’t participating, came down to the dining room greeted with the smell of fresh bannock. When the cooking group started, the rule has been: when the food is created by the youth, it belongs to that youth who participated. To the Youth Workers’ surprise, the group who created the bannock tacos decided to share their creation with all of the other youth. There was even enough food for the staff to sample some. The food was great and everyone was happy & full. Now every time there are bannock tacos planned – everyone comes running into the kitchen!

bannock tacos