We all look forward to seeing where Cameron’s new found motivation will take him

Cameron’s stays in our Crisis Shelter had historically been long. They have also lacked direction most of the times as a result of his low self-confidence and motivation. However, the last time Cameron was in taken into Shelter we saw a shift in his demeanor. He came in and began to talk about a job training program that he had heard about and wanted to follow through in applying for it. 

Cameron was accepted into the program and began waking up early to attend the program, coming back to Shelter in positive spirits, and studying hard for upcoming assignments in the evenings. Last Friday night, by his own initiative, Cameron arranged to attend a local judo session, one of his long forgotten passions. He came back that night tired, sweaty, and smiling from ear to ear. It was so nice to see him this way.

Still currently enrolled in his job training program, Cameron is motivated to do well in it, and speaks openly to staff about the kinds of jobs he’s looking forward to applying for after he’s completed his training. It has been really great to see Cameron grow since he has come into shelter and we all look forward to seeing where his new found motivation will take him.

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