Vanessa’s dedication and inner strength helped her reach her goal

Vanessa is a youth staying with us at Rights of Passage (ROP) who recently registered for school. She was feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities of juggling work and school and had told me she felt as though she may not be able to pass her test that morning.

Before she left for school that morning, I asked her how she was feeling about her test. She responded by saying “I am going to fail; I’m just not smart enough!” I told her “I know you will do well. I’ve seen you studying hard for this”. She left that morning frantically in a hurry to make it to her test on time and appeared to be anxious and fearful of the morning ahead.

The following week Vanessa came running up to me with a huge smile on her face and said “guess what, you know that test I had last week? I got an A, I can’t believe it, the teacher even wrote great job on it!”   Vanessa has faced multiple barriers in her life, including a physical disability and mental health diagnosis. As a youth worker, it was so nice to be able to share that moment of accomplishment with her and see the confidence boost and sense of self-worth after seeing that her hard work paid off.

ROP supports young people working towards independent living and this is something Vanessa had accomplished all on her own. We may have been there to support her but her own dedication and inner strength is what had helped her reach her goal.

image of young lady studying