Community Dinner Creates Life Skills & Memories

Each month ROP holds a Community Dinner; these dinners allow our youth, staff and special guests to come together as a community. It also helps us teach our young people life skills such as cooking and the importance of eating healthy food.

For our February 5th Community Dinner the amazing meal consisted of spaghetti squash and a meat bolognas sauce. A total of five youth helped to prepare a meal for thirty people including youth, staff, guests and friends. The cooks choose to use spaghetti squash instead of regular noodles as it was a healthier option.

For the March 5th Community Dinner a homemade green coconut curry was made. The curry paste was made from scratch and it was delicious. The grocery shopping was done in nearby china town and the paste was made with authentic ingredients. A total of three youth were involved in the design and preparation of this meal and all those who ate it agreed it was genuinely restaurant quality.

If you are interested in checking out the recipes used for the bolognas sauce please click here and for the Thai Curry click here.

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