Carl’s mission was finding work & accommodations

Carl arrived at CHV about a month ago and this is his first stay in our Shelter. I met him on his second afternoon with us and he seemed friendly, motivated and well-spoken. Carl shared with us that he wanted to look for work and find his own accommodation.

Knowing this I was preparing to discuss resources Carl could access in the community to improve his job search. As soon as I met with Carl I realized this information was not needed. Carl started off the conversation by telling me he was planning on accessing Career Zone (a job search hub) and work on his resume.

I asked how he found out about Career Zone, and he said he asked about this during his intake as he was anxious to find a job. He later told me that during his first day in shelter he researched job training programs and set himself up with appointments for the upcoming week. Needless to say I was impressed. Within a week he was attending multiple interviews and had a solid lead on a construction job. The following week Carl informed me he had found full-time work at a construction site. I was thrilled to hear this and to see how proud he was of himself. Carl has been working at his job for the past week and a half and says he loves it.

Carl is now focusing on searching for housing and looking for his own place. Way to go Carl!

image of construction worker