An outing to a driving range leads to fun and laughter

This past weekend I had the opportunity to take a group of youth on an outing to the driving range with another youth worker. I personally had never golfed before so I was looking forward to the challenge of learning along with the youth. We were able to take 4 youth along with us, most of who had never golfed before.

On the drive there the youth were predicting who would have the furthest shot and who would have the best accuracy. Once we arrived at the driving range we were faced with a wall of clubs to choose from and luckily my coworker had golfed before and was able to help myself and the youth pick out some clubs. Once outside we picked 5 wickets side by side and started hitting the balls.

We must have been quite a sight as I saw some seasoned golfers taking a break from their practice to watch us laugh and attempt to hit the balls. There were many missed attempts, periods of frustration and bouts of laughter. One of the youth in particular had gone golfing before so he was seen going up to each of the other youth providing advice and guidance. We ended the session with a contest, with each youth hitting a ball one at a time to see how far they could go. Everyone stopped, encouraged each other, commended good efforts, and laughed at epic fails. It was nice to see the youth let go of their issues and concerns to spend an afternoon participating in a healthy activity.

On the way to the van, one of those “pro” golfer types pulled one of our youth a side and said “you guys did a really good job, hope we see you back some time”. That youth then told everyone else of this comment and everyone instantly mentioned how much fun they had and how much they improved throughout the afternoon. After the outing I asked the youth what they thought about golfing and the consensus was that it was a fun time but that none of them were looking to become pro golfers in the future…but you never know!

image of person golfing