Brian slowly started seeing the potential in himself

Brian began his journey with Covenant House approximately a year ago when he found himself homeless. He came to us only knowing the ways of the street and confrontation & anger were the only way he knew how to communicate. His first attempt at staying with Covenant House didn’t last long and staff wondered if they would ever see him again. To our surprise, Brian came in and out of Shelter, sometimes for a day sometimes for a couple weeks. It often takes our young people multiple “tries” or stays with us as they transition away from street life.   

Staff began to notice small changes in Brian’s attitude as he started seeing the potential in himself. His self-awareness seemed heightened and he also began addressing the barriers to his success. During Brian’s most recent stay in Shelter, he has made great steps towards securing employment. He has also taken steps towards addressing more deep rooted issues in his life. Brian seems to be proud of the strides he’s taken and the achievements he’s made and so are we.

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