Catherine works hard to learn a new routine

Many of the young people we see have trouble waking up early and Catherine was no exception. She recently got a new job, but this job required her to be at work by 7am. Unfortunately, she only managed to show up for one shift out of three.

Her employer asked her if she was really prepared to have this job. Catherine was able to negotiate with her boss to re-schedule her to evening shifts only but her boss still needed her to be able to cover some mornings as well. Her employer informed her that if she managed to get in the routine of waking up early, they would be happy to hire her again. Catherine decided that she was going to work hard on waking up early.

I chatted with Catherine about it and she was psyched on challenging herself. She usually wakes up at about 1 or 2pm.  She wanted to wake up and be ready for the day by 10am. I suggested she be reasonable with her expectations, but she thought that she could be up and ready by then. The next day, she was up and ready by 11am, but was embarrassed about it. I encouraged her and told her that that it was an excellent attempt. On a daily basis since then, she has kept discussing her progress with her wake ups.

Although this is just a simple task for you and I, it is very difficult for our youth. This simple goal of changing her routine is a challenge that she enjoys and I am more than happy to support her.

image of alarm clock