A poem created by one of our young people

There’s the yellow paper
I put my name, the date, my intake.
Then circle my present endeavor.
But before I continue there they are
The the three boxes asking for something clear
My 3 strengths..please enter them here.
I stare at them blankly as if not to understand
its something so simple, though I can’t comprehend

How can it be so difficult to find within myself
What makes me strong.
Not to be low but am I to whom my strengths belong?

I catch my thoughts and re focus
Perhaps my answer should be as shallow as the question.
No. This is my chance to be pompous.
To show that i am strong.
I’ve been doing this for two years and suddenly my list is blank
But Ask me to list off weaknesses
They would flow like water down the river bank.
Is it society that makes me believe
That my strengths have a limit
Or is it the fact that I’m human and I play within it

To answer and move on from this daunting question;
My three strengths are a vague reflection
Of my capabilities in this room, in this world and inside myself

One. I am human
Two. I admit I have weaknesses
Three. I found a place to accept this.

They stare at me in confusion.
Why didn’t u write that you are calm
That you are friendly that you are understanding
Well let me explain to you my finding

My calmness wouldn’t exist
With out my ability to be human
My friendliness wouldn’t be honest if I admit to no weakness
My understanding would not manifest if I had never learned acceptance.

-Submitted anonymously by a youth