Holly finds family and friends at Covenant House

Recently, I have been working with a young lady called Holly. She has a heart of gold but has grown up in an unstable and unhealthy home environment. She has taken quite a bit of abuse from her family and over the years learned to  loathe herself. She did not know any better. The lack of self-esteem was quite evident. She really needed a lot of encouragement around keeping clean, and tidying her room. She would often put other people’s needs ahead of hers because she prefers not to take care of herself because she thinks she doesn’t deserve to be taken care of.

When Holly found her way to the Crisis Shelter, we witnessed an amazing and beautiful  response from the  other youth towards her. She instantly became everyone’s little sister. A few of the boys became protective and took her under their wing. She later moved into ROP where the love continued, a few people took the time to get to know her, laughed with her and stood up for her. They loved her like family and even though she still struggles with loving herself, she has family here who love her and that is the most important thing in the world.

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