Youth worker brings a special young man a tiny slice of home

One of the young people I work with is an amazing young man from Africa called David. I really enjoy chatting with him, getting to know him and learning about his culture.

One night we were talking about spirituality and passion. He said his spirituality lies in his African music. He showed me some You Tube clips of his favorite singer from back home. That weekend I sourced the music by this artist and put it on my iPod.

The following week we had our Community Dinner for the month. At this event the staff and youth of the Rights of Passage Program gather together to prepare, cook and eat a meal together. We then clean up as a team.

As we were cleaning up I set up my mini speakers and iPod and began to play the music I had found. David was on the other side of the room. He heard it and spun around to face me with a huge smile on his face. He said, “Is that my music? You got my music?” He started to groove and even taught me a few dance moves from his culture.

You can try to imagine being in a new place, a new country, and being away from everything that was familiar, comforting and safe. In this scenario I wanted to bring this very special young man a tiny slice of home.

image of music notes and dancing