Lisa is working hard to make healthy changes

Currently we have a young, vulnerable female in house named Lisa. One night she did not come home for curfew and we were very worried about her. She showed up at the Shelter during the very early hours of the morning the next night with a police escort. Lisa had been drinking with her boyfriend and was very intoxicated and in rough shape. She was too intoxicated to bring back into the Shelter but we were able to get her into detox where she could safely sober up.

A day later she was sober and able to leave detox and return to the Crisis Shelter. Staff sat down and had a good long talk with her about her goals and how drinking wasn’t aligning with these goals. This was the very first time Lisa had identified that some people in her life may not be a good influence on her, and that she actually wanted to stay in the Shelter for activities and the support that Covenant House could offer her.

I really feel that Lisa has begun to turn the corner of self identifying what her needs are and asking for those needs to be met or at least heard for the first time since we have known her. My belief is that self-actualization can only be done when one feels safe and secure in their environment. I think that the relationships staff have built with Lisa has allowed her to do some reflection and start to make positive choices.

We at Covenant House would like to congratulate Lisa on her positive choices and for working hard to make healthy changes!

image about looking towards to the future