Barry receives the support he needs from his Covenant House family

Barry came to us in dire need of support. Barry had stayed with us in the Shelter recently, and was successful in completing his plan of finding employment and a place of his own. It wasn’t long before he was happily on his way. Unfortunately, the place Barry moved into was crawling with bedbugs. It was so bad that he had resorted to sleeping in his bathtub because he was being eaten alive by the night time critters. 

We have taken Barry back into the Shelter while his place is being fumigated. Thankfully, we have a bed bug protocol that helps prevent the bed bug incidents from happening in our Shelter. We have taken his belongings and disinfected them through a process of many industrial washes. His body is healing from his bites and we have gotten him everything that he needs from the clinic to treat the bites…poor guy. 

We are not sending Barry back to his place until it has been fully treated by the professionals. It’s kind of cool that we are able to support youth that have already gained their independence by being here as a place of respite in their time of need. It’s important that our youth know that we are always here for them, because to a lot of the youth, we are the only “family” they have. I’m so glad that we are here.

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