Halloween fun for Felicity

We are getting ready to celebrate Halloween at ROP, Felicity, one of the young ladies staying with us, stated she had not dressed up in years, but she wants to feel beautiful this Halloween. She also told me that she did not have the funds to buy a costume. I explained to her that together we could source some items and buy affordable things from craft stores to create something fun. Felicity decided she would like to be a Geisha.

Two weeks prior to Halloween, we researched images online and planned what we would need to buy to create the costume. We went shopping and bought small items to craft with. The week before we hand stitched and glued fake flowers, ribbon and chop sticks together to make some really cute and delicate head pieces. I lent her a silk purple robe with huge flowing arms, and we tied her waist with white satin she bought and a thick bright pink bow, which matched her headdress.

She did a trial run of her costume and make up and she looked so beautiful! I did a photo-shoot for her and another co-resident. I provided all the photos to them on a USB stick so that they can look back at that fun and creative night. Felicity is all set for a fun day tomorrow. 

Happy Halloween!

halloween costume geisha