Hidden Beauty – youth artwork with a statement from artist

“They say that Tigers are one of the most beautiful animals on Earth; the way it’s fur stays rich with color and way that it hunts, and uses it’s skills to survive.  Yet in the same breath, they say that Tigers are one of the most dangerous animals; their fierce roar, sharp claws and a jaw that can break your bones.  Even though the Tiger has it’s negative and scary characteristics, we still call it beautiful…Because it is how we see the Tiger.  Just like life, if you view it in such a negative way, where you are afraid, and unsure then you won’t see it as beautiful, but instead fearful and confusing.  The painting made in water color and ink is to represent the way that we look at life.  That even the scariest things can also be the most beautiful.  That is why the eyes of the Tiger are hidden by the flowers, because to many people flowers represent peace and serenity.  The Tiger represents us (the ones that people fear or think negatively about), homeless youth.  But just like the Tiger, we are beautiful, talented, skilled and resilient, because we wake up every morning on the hunt to find our path in this world.” – Rae-Anne

Rae-Anne's artwork Hidden Beauty