Going above & beyond to support a young lady over the holidays

As the Christmas break approaches, some youth in particular begin to get anxious at the thought of their regular youth workers not being around for several days. One female youth has a very strong relationship with her workers and when they are not around, she has been known to get overwhelmed and struggle. To prepare for this upcoming separation, the youth workers had many conversations about this difficult time and about the reunion that would happen after Christmas.

When it came time for the staff to leave on the last day, they presented the youth with a thoughtfully prepared gift. It was a kind of advent calendar, but one door for every day that the youth would be separated from her regular youth workers. It had an inspirational quote inside that was relevant to the youth’s specific situation and the name of the part time staff that would be available to assist the youth. On the front of the doors were beautiful pictures of fairies which are the youth’s favorite things. This thoughtful piece of preventative work helped the youth to cope with the stress of Christmas and being separated and let her know that her workers were thinking of her even though they were away. It will help her to have a successful stay and enjoy her Christmas.

fairy advent calendar image