All is calm, all is bright…

It is a couple of days before Christmas and everywhere I look I see the joys of the season. I have become filled with Christmas spirit as we have true examples of the meaning of Christmas happening here in the crisis program. At a back table, Youth Worker Freeman is teaching Frank how to do shading on his drawings, a gift of art that Freeman has and openly shares with the youth. Another Youth Worker, Huamei, has her lap top open and an audience before her as she shares one of her favourite videos from “TED Talks”. A lively and humorous discussion ensues about the topic.

Yesterday the tension was high as it dawned on the youth that this would be a Christmas they would be spending in a crisis program. Something has shifted today and the youth are happily chatting with one another and at ease.  Everyone is calm, harmonious….peaceful.

all is calm all is bright image