Fresh shoes and a chance for a fresh start

A young man and his girlfriend came to the front desk at our Pender Street building location. It was raining hard and had been all day. The youth approached the front desk and asked if we had any socks and shoes because he had holes in his shoes and his feet had been wet for a few days. The youth stated he had been told that Covenant House could help him by another agency in the city. Most of the donations of clothing are stored at our Drake Street building, but we went searching and found shoes in his size and fresh socks!

The youth was very grateful to have dry feet. This youth and his girlfriend appeared to not be familiar with Vancouver and resources available to them. Our team was able to inform them of the difference services available to them from Covenant House as well as other youth agency in Vancouver.  We were happy to provide fresh shoes and  a chance for a fresh start . 

shoe image